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Utah's #1 Indoor Cycling Studio offering full-body, rhythm-based classes that challenge both your body and mind. Check out Utah's only true boutique fitness. Okay, as a road cyclist I needed an app with different types of workout levels and this one has that. I've been using the Cardio workout because I can. Download and use + Cycling stock videos for free. ✓ Thousands of new 4k videos every day ✓ Completely Free to Use ✓ High-quality HD videos and clips. BREAD BUTTER TOAST JAM TORRENT The Ministry also add. I could chance you are using device it before updating saw to latest version employers keep an issue or unreliable. Zoom has it for too, the can be resolved when you can data using.

You can use their digital app with your own spin bike as it includes all their live and on demand cycling workouts. While there are a few differences when using the all-access app which comes with their own exercise products, there are still many great features. It has over 10 workout types which include cycling, outdoor running, stretching, strength, boot camp, yoga, and meditation. You can track your progress, challenge yourself, and work out alongside others. Another way in which you can track your progress is via a specialist fitness watch.

Don't know where to start your search? We have you covered; our shortlist of the best heart rate monitors puts the 11 best gadgets to track your data in one place. The main difference of using the Peloton digital app without their exercise equipment is the metrics and leader board display. These let you know your resistance, cadence, heartrate and where exactly you rank on the leader board.

The subscription owner can also add others to the app at no additional cost. Similar to Kinomap, for premium subscribers this indoor cycling app uses real-life films of road routes rather than virtual simulations. The Tacx smart trainer also simulates the incline of the road, creating a realistic ride for the user.

If you plan on combining your indoor cycling with outdoor rides also, then it's best to prepare for all weather conditions. Check out our thorough guide on winter cycling, including useful tips for nailing your routine to ensure those lower temperatures don't hinder your performance. This customization can be extended to workouts if you have a particular focus or goal you want to achieve. These workouts can be created on tablets or desktop computers and catered to what it is you want to achieve.

Tacx Training offers a free app and a premium subscription. The free version allows users to create personalized workouts, analyse data, and compete with live opponents who are riding the course at the same time. Premium subscribers will receive all the apps free features, as well as high-quality cycling movies, training plans, and workout videos. We believe for the clear route videos the price is worth it!

With movies being continually updated, it is unlikely riders will get bored of this indoor cycling app. However, if you simply want an exercise bike app then look no further! CardioCast is more of an audio app than anything else. It features music from your favourite artists across a range of genres and uses real coaches who listen to your feedback and push you to achieve your goals.

The combination of upbeat music and enthusiasm of instructors from some of the top fitness studios creates a fun environment and helps keep you motivated. All you need to do is put your headphones on and get lost in the music. This may make it feel like less of an intense workout and more of an enjoyable experience.

In need of a new pair of headphones to make the most out of this feature? Check out OriGym't top picks for the best cycling headphones in the UK here. The app also consists of various workouts and times, from 20 minutes all the way to 60 minutes, depending on how tight your schedule is. While it lacks the advanced features of popular apps like Zwift and Kinomap, CardioCast is ideal for those who want a basic app for the sole purpose of working out on an exercise bike. This is opposed to seasoned cyclists or keen trainers who are missing the experience of racing and cycling outside.

Users who download the app for free get a 7-day trial period to test it out. The app also features many workouts for exercises other than cycling such as running, elliptical, rowing, and yoga too. If training to music is a big factor in keeping you motivated, this may be the app for you!

Since you're here, we take it you consider yourself quite the fitness enthusiast? If that's the case, then we think you might find the following reads very interesting:. This app is very similar to other virtual cycling apps on our list but caters more towards cyclists who have just started their journeys. Users follow a virtual cyclist around many different scenic routes, focusing on their speed and trying to keep up with their revolutions per minute RPM.

This is mainly because it provides detailed programs, informing you when to increase and decrease the resistance, as well as the RPM. The feature of following a virtual cyclist around and matching their speed is great for beginners who are still trying to figure everything out. For many people, not just beginners, virtual workouts are often preffered, with many people finding this environment much less intimidating and a lot more productive than that of a gym.

If you know this is your preferred form of workout but need an extra push and support, you don't need to delve into the depth of a gym to achieve this. Check out OriGym's shortlist of the best virtual personal trainers that you can access from the comfort of your own home - or wherever else you'd prefer to workout. CycleGo has a range of different workouts which vary in terms of length and intensity.

One of the lesser-known indoor cycling apps on this list, Xert has quickly established itself as a reliable app for cyclists. It is a training platform that helps athletes coach themselves using data from a cycling power meter. Xert provides training that matches your abilities, goals, and schedule, as well as adapts training without fitness tests. It allows athletes and coaches to monitor, predict, and optimize athletic fitness. Xert claims it has ushered in revolutionary ideas and innovations in measuring fitness, how much power you have, and which energy systems you use.

These SMART workouts are based on strain and generated power, rather than using zones and simple duration-based intervals. These workouts are tuned to your ability, allowing users to know the focus and difficulty of workouts beforehand. These SMART workouts use mathematical modelling to know exactly where you will be from a fatigue standpoint at any point during a workout.

Workout players also use these advanced mathematical models in real time to adjust either interval duration or power to assist athletes in meeting their goals. This makes Xert one of the more technical and scientific indoor cycling apps on this list. It certainly leans much more to an indoor cycling workout app than a virtual cycling app. Cyclists who are seeking an app purely to improve their performance times and endurance then this is ideal.

For those avid cyclists who will still be taking to the outdoors additionally, is your cycling gear up to standard? Due to its scientific analysis and algorithms, this may be better suited to a more experienced cyclist. However, beginners who are looking to quickly improve their performance will benefit from this app too.

Xert is available on all Android and IOS devices. The app features over 2, hours of high-quality 4K content filmed across locations all over the world. The app is passionate about the quality of its videos, having its team of Ride Engineers testing each one of them to ensure a great user experience. FulGaz also allows users to organize their own private group rides on any route for you and your friends. This means you can create social events or simply train alongside one another and have fun.

FulGaz claims to be the only app that combines real world terrain and cutting-edge coaching knowledge to help riders achieve their goals. It also emails you a. FulGaz seems to be more of a popular indoor cycling app for iPhone users rather than Android, but it is still available on both types of devices.

It is free to download and comes with a free day trial that gives users access to all the features on FulGaz. This makes it a slightly cheaper alternative to Zwift while still offering a lot of the same features. TrainerDay is a free indoor cycling app! It is a workout and plan sharing community with over 20, members. TrainerDay claims it is the perfect app for the self-coached cyclist. It has over 10, workouts available with new ones being added and shared continuously.

TrainerDay is a community app, allowing users to share workouts with friends or strangers. Essentially, it is a huge library of user-contributed workouts. Working out with friends is a great way to keep motivated and engaged in you workout, no matter the exercise.

Read more benefits of group exercise classes here. Aside from downloading from others, you can also create your own workout and training plans. This makes it a great app for people who are looking for something more social or a community of like minded cyclists. However, it has unlimited training plans and downloads, and allows you to create all your own workouts and training plans. TrainerDay is available on all Apple and Android smartphones, as well as tablets and desktop computers.

This subscription grants users unlimited access to all its workouts and training plans as well as access to private ones. High intensity workouts are great for burning calories and building strength, which can lead to weight loss. A study conducted in found indoor cycling, when combined with a low-calorie diet, was effective in reducing the weight and body fat of participants.

These participants cycled for 45 minutes three times a week and consumed only 1, calories per day for twelve weeks. The purpose of an exercise bike is to replicate the experience of cycling indoors. Any sort of high-intensity exercise will burn fat. Low-intensity exercise on a stationary bike is unlikely to burn a lot of fat even if done for an extended amount of time.

Need more information to be convinced? No bother, you can find all the explanation and answers you need in our report into cycling for weight loss , accompanied with 17 tips for optimising results. According to Harvard Health Publishing , a pound person who cycles at a moderate intensity for thirty minutes can burn calories. A pound person can burn calories when cycling for the same time and intensity.

Similarly, a pound person can burn approximately calories in the same way. We hope this insight into indoor cycling apps has not only help you decide on the app which best fits your needs and fitness goals, but has also shed light into the features which make for the best quality indoor cycling apps.

Want to become a Personal Trainer? Not sure if you want to commit to a monthly membership? No problem. App offers HIIT-based cycling, ballet-inspired Barre, step aerobics, core conditioning, yoga, strength training, martial arts, and more. Hills, mixed terrain, intervals, speed work, and mountain climb—the list goes on and on.

This minute class is part of the RPM group indoor cycling workout program that combines steady-state training with high-intensity intervals. You can take this class as a standalone or as part of the RPM series. Users like the structure of the program and the variety of classes. Consider adding two to three RPM courses each week to your overall fitness routine. In addition to the RPM program, Les Mills On Demand offers an indoor cycling sprint program with minute HIIT classes for intermediate to advanced levels and a series called The Trip that takes you on virtual bike rides all over the world.

The worldwide fitness app also offers strength training, martial arts, yoga, dance fitness, barre, and sports conditioning. Global Cycling Network is a free YouTube channel that offers thousands of online cycling classes for all levels. They also have video tips that show you how to be a better cyclist.

The class opens with a five-minute warmup, followed by eight HIIT intervals that last 30 seconds each. Early in the workout, your recovery periods between each HIIT interval will last three minutes. The recovery periods decrease in time as you progress, bottoming out at 90 seconds. This sweat-dripping, max-effort class will end with a six-minute cool-down.

Because of the different recovery times and the high-intensity intervals, you can burn the maximum number of calories in a short amount of time. All of the rides are filmed outdoors, with the cyclists taking on some pretty extreme terrain. If you have motion sickness, this is not the indoor ride for you. Set along Melbourne's famous Beach Road, this extended ride will challenge your cardiovascular system, legs, and mental stamina.

The minute workout consists of a minute warmup, followed by three sets of 14 aerobic interval efforts and three sets of hills. The screen displays the effort level you should be aiming for, as well as a countdown clock and continuous visual cues surrounding your work. Like the other rides, you can do this course on an upright bike or your own bike set in a trainer.

Online cycling classes have made training on a bike safer and more accessible to all fitness levels and abilities. A great class to start with is the Seated Interval class from Aaptiv. Finally, if music, high-energy, and fun top your list of requirements, then hop on the bike and tune into the All for One Ride from Peloton.

Online cycling classes or spin classes are either live streaming or on-demand workouts and instruction that you can do on your stationary bike at home. Participants view the instructor on their phone, tablet, TV, or on a screen mounted to their bike and follow along, just as they would in an in-person spin class.

Some classes are audio-only, so you can just listen to instructions without having to look at a screen. Finding free classes geared towards beginners is easy and allows you to learn the basics, such as how to set up your bike. Some newbies like to try out classes at home to learn the moves and lingo before going to a spin studio for an in-person class. Online cycling classes are taught using spin bikes like the ones that you would see at a spin studio or gym that offers spin classes.

Some participants purchase a spin bike to use at home, while others use a traditional upright stationary bike. You can even use your regular road bike for an online cycling class if you mount it on a bike trainer. You also need a streaming device such as a phone, tablet, computer, or TV to view the classes. Some online cycling classes are free, but others require a paid subscription for access. Some of the subscriptions also give you access to other types of classes, including yoga, strength training, and running workouts.

Most services offer a free trial or allow you to purchase a single class for a small fee before committing to a paid membership. Our picks for the best online cycling classes are a mix of free and subscription-based workouts. We also considered the equipment needed to take an indoor cycling class. All of these courses are compatible with any type of bike road bike on a trainer, stationary bike at a gym or at home, or a specialty bike such as a Peloton.

Rounding out the criteria, we considered streaming devices. You can view all of these workouts on a phone, tablet, computer, or TV. Get one simple hack every day to make your life healthier. Fitness Gear. Apps, Classes, and Memberships. By Sara Lindberg. Sara Lindberg. Sara Lindberg, M. Learn about our editorial process. Reviewed Verywell Fit articles are reviewed by nutrition and exercise professionals.

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We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Our Top Picks.

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There are nice little bits of information that pop up about the history of the area, which are fun to read. The total length of the DVD is 60 minutes, with a warm up included. There is no real cool down, which is disappointing. However, it does still provide a pretty solid workout in the roughly 45 minutes that it gives you. The music of the DVD is up for debate. We generally leave that up to the cyclist to decide, but we just felt that it should be noted.

It is often being compared to other spinning workout videos about North and South Carolina, where there are more verbal instructions. For some this is a good thing, for others, they might be disappointed in that fact. What is certain about this DVD is that it will get your heart rate pumping and really crank up the amount of calories you can burn off. This DVD is a slightly longer one, as much of the beginning part is devoted to setting up the bike properly and the warm up. The total length measures in at about 67 minutes, though the actual workout is probably around 45 minutes.

Thus, it is probably better for beginners to use this DVD than those who are more experienced at cycling. A bit to note about this DVD is that the recovery times in between sets are rather long. This is keeping with the theme of being for beginners, but it can get annoying at times.

There also seems to be a general consensus about this DVD that the music is awful. However, it will certainly get the blood pumping and anyone who wants to get into cycling will be able to use it well. We get a break from the indoors of studios and even the shores of the US.

When the video was recorded August there were plenty of flowers out and in their prime, especially hydrangeas. Eventually, you move away from the rural area and into a small residential zone. This area still feels quite quaint and fun to look at while you ride. Following that, you return to the coastal road and enjoy the view as you cycle downhill. Finally, you ride down a hill along the coast and end on a footpath to the beach.

Certainly a cinematic end to a great ride. One of the major complaints about this DVD is just how much of it is filmed with a hedgerow in front of it as opposed to the coast that is shown on the front of the box.

With the exception of the beginning and ending sections, this does prove to be somewhat true. There are a lot of hedgerows. The other major complaint is the sound of this video. Instead of playing music or having some pleasant nature sounds playing, it is the sound of a car window.

Not exactly the most enthralling or most fun sound to listen to while you ride. This DVD from Bike-O-Vision is similar to the above in that it takes the approach of people needing to look at nature while they ride.

Except this time instead of the hedgerows of rural England and coastline of Cornwall, you are taken away to Catalonia, Spain. The DVD itself is around 75 minutes, with just about all of that being devoted to the ride along the Spanish countryside and coastline. Then wind up various peaks in order to see the sunny sights and lands around you. These quaint little towns will give you a nice peak into what life looks like on the Spanish beaches.

The journey will take you all the way to the border with France, teasing you with a look onto the French lands. Since this is a DVD that is mainly focused on just the ride and the sights associated with it, beginners might find it a bit more difficult to get into.

Experienced riders will most certainly have a good time with it, considering the length and the various hills that are involved with the path. They just might be a tad lost with no instructions. Overall, the Bike-O-Vision Costa Brava DVD should provide a beautiful outlook for any cyclist who wants to see something different while they cycle indoors.

Rounding out our list is the Spinervals For this DVD we head back indoors to the studio. This DVD and the workout that accompanies it was designed to develop speed and your maximum anaerobic power. This time you shall be led by Coach Troy on this intense and gruelling journey. The total length of the DVD is 60 minutes, with the actual workout being about 45 minutes. Speaking of that intensity, those who designed the Dropping The Hammer workout rate it as a solid 9.

Clearly they regard it as quite the tough workout, which matches up with how intense it is. This DVD will certainly fit experienced riders more since it is a lot quicker and a lot more intense. Beginners might simply find it a bit too intense to keep up with. If you are looking for an exercise bike workout DVD, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, consider the level of difficulty that you are comfortable with. There are many DVDs that cater to beginners, as well as those who are more advanced. Second, think about the duration of the workout. Some indoor cycling DVDs are designed for shorter workouts, while others are meant to be used for longer sessions. Finally, take into account your personal fitness goals.

If you are looking to lose weight, there are exercise bike DVDs that focus on burning calories. If you want to build muscle, on the other hand, there are DVDs that focus on resistance training. By keeping these factors in mind, you can be sure to find an indoor cycling bike workout DVD that is right for you. Here is also a couple of other factors to keep in mind when choosing the next spinning bike workout DVD:. Routine : When it comes to staying in shape, routine is key. For example, if you want a more relaxed workout with minimal stress on your body, opt for a DVD that focuses on stationary bikes, featuring recordings of scenic tourist destinations around the world.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more intense cycling or biking routine, look for a DVD that has an instructor leading you through a rigorous high-intensity workout. Rythm : It is an important element of any workout routine. Having the right music to match the cadence of your routine can help you stay on track and improve your results. But what exactly is the right rhythm? It depends on the type of workout you are doing.

For example, if you are doing a strength-training routine, you will want to choose music with a slower, steadier beat. This will help you maintain your focus and keep your muscles working evenly. On the other hand, if you are doing a more cardio-based workout, you will want to choose music with a faster beat. This will help keep you moving and elevate your heart rate. No matter what type of routine you are doing, though, it is important to find music that you enjoy and that helps motivate you to keep going.

With the right rhythm on your indoor bike, you can reach your fitness goals in no time! Biking is low-impact, meaning it places little stress on your joints and bones compared to other activities like running. If you want a more relaxed tempo, then riding a magnetic stationary bike is a good option. You can increase the intensity by pedaling faster or increasing the resistance.

You can find one with the right frame size and seat height to ensure a comfortable ride. And, if you really want to up the ante, you can invest in a road bike designed for speed and long-distance rides. That wraps up our list of the DVDs for indoor cycling. Hopefully, this has given you a good idea on which spin class Workout DVDs will give you a look at the outdoors and simulate the real roads and which ones will allow for that intense, studio experience with some of the best instructors out there.

Which one you prefer is up to you. Also, keep in mind that the key to an enjoyable and fun spinning workout is the proper indoor cycling clothing and indoor cycling accessories an additional seat gel is almost always a must. Now pick up a DVD and get cycling! All rights reserved to Sayed and yourexercisebike.

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Previous Next. Sep 9, 0 0. ANyone one have any good torrent site recommendations for cycling videos? It's that time of year when I'll watch anything: old Tours or Giri, Roubaix, cross races -- anything. Trainer times are desperate times. Race Radio. Aug 13, 12, 0 0. Apr 3, 9, 1, 20, Many thanks. Just started training last week and am out of watchable videos.

Anonymous Guest. El Imbatido. Mar 17, 1, 0 10, Mar 18, 2, 0 0. Hi Dim and El Imbatido, I looked at the site and their rules and then just read your posts as well. What do you and they mean by seeding? What do they mean by uploading half as much as you download? If I just download torrents and post a thank you, is this alright? Or do I have to do more? Sorry to be a momo, but want to do the right thing if I use the site, but don't understand!

Jul 2, 3, 1 13, Basically all you have to do is once the torrent is finished just leave it going in your torrent client utorrent, transmission, Vuze or whatever you use. Most torrent clients will then say "seeding" as it's status.

Seeding is basically uploading once you have finished downloading. Torrents work because basically a file is split into lots and lots of smaller pieces. When you download you get some pieces off the original seeder the person who posted the torrent and other seeders people who have finished downloading and have left the torrent on.

To speed the process up of downloading a torrent, your client allows you to give out pieces that you have completed to others. It doesn't matter that you have not completed the whole torrent. You will continue to give out pieces you have completed.

This is uploading. It is good to remember though that turning your upload up too high will slow your downloads to a chronically slow speed, so the idea is to find a happy medium. Uploading half as much as you download is just a guide they want you to follow. If you look on the homepage you will have a ratio.

It is the ratio of how much you have uploaded to how much you have downloaded expressed as a number. They like people to keep at a certain percentage 0. If you go below 0. If you want to download big torrents, some of them on the site are bigger than 20gig and alot are dvd rips so they are usually 4. Usually on a friday friday in the netherlands that is, but it is not set in stone, sometimes a bit later, depends what time the site runner gets home from work it is period of 24 hours where anything you download is not counted toward your ratio but anything you upload will count.

So it will boost your ratio, just by downloading a torrent and uploading some as the torrent is beig downloaded. Thanking the uploader is just a nice gesture they like you to do. I don't know of anyone who has got in trouble for not thanking but it is just the curteous thing to do. Some uploaders have put in alot of time and effort to get their stuff on the site from recording it, editing out commercials and other stuff, encoding it to a smaller sized file and uploading it. So they deserve some thanks.

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