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He remembered the words of advice from Donie Walsh, the highly acclaimed Cork runner, who had earned a scholarship to Villanova University, from North Monastery C. Page 8, Irish Runner Magazine, July Then, however, he began to wonder what would be the benefit of this fishing course, when he could never see himself being a man of the sea. Suddenly there was a new purpose in his life, he wanted to start training on a regular basis again, just like he did.

Marcus was only 14 when he first joined Leevale A. An athlete who was due to go to Villanova had changed his mind, and now O'Sullivan had received the first real break in his athletic c areer. That break would not have come, however, were it not for his own ability to grasp a realisation that, unless he applied himself to the necessary training, he might be spending many more years riding that bus to Kinsale.

When Marcus said goodbye to his family and friends in September , to take up his Villanova scholarship, there was every reason for optimism among all concerned, for here was a talented athlete, who would surely make good. A few improvements came in the first year, but nothing of any real note. Then he began to have trouble with his knee during the second year, and, once more, progress was slow. The third year was a little better; when he broke four minutes for the mile, in February '83, at Madison Square Gardens, all his friends in Cork gave a special cheer, and began to say, 'I told you so.

Once more it was time for honesty, and, once more, he faced the facts squarely. I lost sight of what I should be doing, and what I really set out to do when I first left Cork. During that time I never got the results which other athletes, of less potential, manage to achieve. Perhaps it went back to those days in Cork when I made up my mind to try and get to Villanova, but, once I had achieved that, failed to give of myself to improve still further.

In retrospect, the death of Jumbo Elliott, just a year after Marcus arrived in Villanova, was a possible reason for his failure to maintain any kind of significant progress. As the outdoor track season was about to commence, he began to look critically at himself. Leaving the injury problems aside, he was not very happy with what he saw.

He recalled riding the bus to and from Kinsale — if he was to continue in this way, his athletic life would soon pass by, and very few would notice. He began to pick up the pieces with a new urgency, started to get out for an early morning run, something he had only very occasionally done in the past; he was one of the first down to the track in the evenings for training.

I had only trained properly for a month or two, and, there and then, promised myself that I would try and make up for the three wasted years, during my final term at Villanova. Collegiate 1,m final. His time: a superb new career-best of He had qualified for the Los Angeles Olympics. He showed flashes of that excitement on occasions and, to be truthful, I expected him to start making his mark before he did. He has yet to win what would be termed a major title, but he came up against Joaquim Cruz of Brazil in his only American Collegiate final, and so his second place was probably worth more, in a year that the winner went on to win the Olympic m gold medal.

Most definitely an exciting athlete for the future. He returned to compete in the Cork City Sports, at the Mardyke, and ran another lifetime best for the mile: I went there to experience everything, the atmosphere, the competition, the friendships. Then, his never-say-die attitude in the first round of the 1,m was rewarded by qualification for the semi-finals.

After the Olympics, he returned home to Ireland, and settled back in Cork. There followed a few reasonably good indoor runs, but, while he was picked for the European Indoors a month in advance, he travelled to Athens reluctantly, and, only out of loyalty to Irish officials. However, he returned with a silver medal from the 1,m and he was no sooner back in Villanova, than part of another problem was solved. That was the matter of having a regular coach. From there, he went on to win the British AAA 1,m title, run another lifetime best of Marcus O'Sullivan During September and October of last year, his training became more intense, the repeat hills were attacked with greater purpose.

By last February, the whole of Cork was ready to embrace its young star, who had finally hit the headlines with a series of nine wins on the trot. He did not suffer from any illusions regarding his fine form. I like to be realistic, and I feel that some of those I beat indoors did not run up to their potential. The Millrose Games win in an indoor lifetime best But I wanted it also.

I knew he was ready, and I waited before making my move, and then just held him off. After the successes of the indoors, it took the Corkman a couple of weeks to get back into the disciplines of hard training again. The European Championships were always in the back of my mind and they have been my target for several weeks now.

The season has already begun promisingly, with career best times of Well, here he is in living colour. This is the first small step on our journey to return to full activity, we continue to plan and prepare for competition and events from August onwards subject to government directives. Every club will have their own unique set of Covid challenges around social distancing, contact tracing, hygiene and member management.

Each club committee is strongly advised to meet virtually, to develop their return to athletics plans. See draft risk assessment template or further development, with club safety officers to ensure that the highest standards of hygiene, tracing and social distancing are established. Strict sets of guidelines note these guidelines are not exhaustive have been developed with expert advice:. Included: 1. Safety Officer 2. Club Access 3. Check-in Protocol 5. Clubhouse Facilities 6.

Coaching 9. Getting Home Safely. See Guidelines Booklet. Pre book your training session online or via phone. Arrive and leave as close as possible to when you are due at the club. Athletes should arrive ready to train as there will be no access to dressing rooms during this phase. Athletes should ensure that they utilize toilet facilities in their own home prior to arriving at the club as toilet facilities will not be available during this phase.

Athletes should, ideally, bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes with them to train. When Training Finishes. Once training has finished athletes should leave the club promptly. Hands should be washed and sanitized as soon as possible Ensure equipment is cleaned thoroughly after use.

The club will then follow advice provided to them by the HSE on the next steps. Members should be encouraged to remind other members of the guidelines, in a gentle way, when they witness poor practices. Repeated poor practice should be reported to the club as soon as possible. Practice caution with the equipment. Sanitize all handheld implements prior to, and after, use e. Although there is no specific evidence that equipment can spread COVID, we know that contamination from respiratory droplets from an infected person can potentially survive on hard surfaces for up to three days.

Clean equipment with a disinfectant spray at the conclusion of training. Guidance for Coaches. The Spring Transfer Window closed on March 24th. Transfer forms may be submitted at any time, but will not be dealt with until the next Transfer Window closes, on August 24th Fifty 50 athlete have been approved by Cork Athletics County Board. Forty three 43 transfers are between Cork clubs, while seven more were either 'out of county', or into a Cork club, transfers.

As a result of these special circumstances, Transfers were dealt with in the following manner, for this occasion only however a similar system may be necessary for the August Transfers, if circumstances do not change significantly in the meantime. Issues, if any, with these Pending Transfers were required to be brought to the attention of This email address is being protected from spambots.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Outgoing Inter-County Transfers. There was two outgoing transfers. Pending Inter-County Transfers. There are five 5 Incoming inter-county transfers. Start of Conna 5k Included was an outline of how Sport would be reopened, with restrictions being gradually relaxed as each Stage is reached. Equally, but less likely, is that some dates may move forward.

While, from an athletics point of view, the prospect of easing restrictions, however gradual, is very welcome, there is little detail yet in how we will actually start opening up club training, and, especially races and events. The thought is great….. How do we do it? No doubt more details of what may and may not be done will come from Sport Ireland and Athletics Ireland……hopefully soon, because clubs and event organisers need to consider the implications arising from such guidance and start planning for the intermediate term.

In particular, we need to see how we can do things safely. The easy wins are the likes of golf where you are outdoors, so there is a lower risk. De Gascun. Social distancing is probably easier in Field Events, but what are the practicalities. Indoor Training. How many members, including coaches and admin people can be allowed to attend safely at any particular session?

Should you consider having:. This will obviously vary according to age and activity, venue, and coaching cover. Social distance must be maintained at all times. Hand washing is critical, so clubs must ensure that washing and toilet facilities are available, clean and sufficient for the numbers attending.

A club representative should be responsible for ensuring that everything is in place before your session, and again afterward — leave the facility as you found it. If the initial inspection finds that the facilities are not adequate, you should consider if the session should go ahead. Hand sanitiser is a must. Your session should have adequate supplies of sanitiser. We all make mistakes, and errors of judgement, however you will need to consider what to do in such cases.

The guidelines are pretty vague, with no mention of athletics, and little to extrapolate from. De Gascun states in the Irish Times interview:. The department of transport, tourism and sport would be where those engagements take place. What we would hope to do over the coming months, after having some challenges on the testing side, is to get a greater picture of where the virus is in the community. There are two elements to sport returning: the athletes themselves and the crowds; the mass gatherings are really difficult to see that coming on stream any time soon.

After May 18th, if we have construction and landscapers back, you let outdoor individual sports back. You could probably make an argument for cricket, if you thought about it with physical distancing. But team sports in the early stages, no, purely because of the dressing rooms and interaction on the pitch. However, it does seem that large events, with in excess of 5, participants, may not happen in the foreseeable future. If the people are staying more than two metres away from each other it is reasonably safe.

So, I think team sports are going to be in a very difficult position. Even with testing you can do it daily but all that tells you is you are negative at that point in time and then there is a 24 hour window to interacting with other people. Professional clubs can certainly mitigate risk. Physios can wear Personal Protective Equipment. Without the physical distancing We could get to a situation where you have a small town or village or county that does not have a lot of the virus circulating.

Maybe inside the county boundaries they could operate fairly normally. The club GAA championship could happen? They come and warm-up, play the game and then shower at home. In small club championships you could probably have a few hundred people at the game, socially distancing. But you probably cannot bring a team or bus load of supporters from Dublin down to that county.

A county championship could take place in certain circumstances if you are creative. I do not have all the answers to this situation but it is like all the businesses trying to get back to work. It comes back to what we learn from testing [in June]. We have the limitations on mass gatherings. But the phase process goes from being at home on your own to being in small groups to going to restaurants under 50 people.

Every time we take a step we will be waiting to see what the impact of that will be. If we go to people gatherings and things kick off again we step back. Unfortunately, there is no instruction booklet for this virus. We will err on the side of caution because what we have seen in Italy, Spain You will need to consider the mode of entry.

Race Bib Numbers On-line entry will facilitate posting of race numbers in advance of the race. If numbers are to be picked up on the day, whether with online entry, or entry on the day, a functional pick-up system will need to be devised, e. Pins Handling of pins is probably not a good idea. Consider asking participants to supply their own pins. This is a regular thing with races elsewhere in Europe. Maintaining social distance while hand timing is simply not possible — long queues form, finishers in distress will exacerbate this.

Chip timing will minimize very many of the finishing area problems. For shorter races, water is probably not necessary, while it is essential for longer races. The problem is that water cup, or bottles, need to be handled and passed to participants, who then drink from them. Someone needs to pick these up and then dispose of them.

There is greater risk at this point. For short races, consider not providing water. Provision of food is NOT a good idea, as it incentivizes people to stay around, risking breach of social distancing guidelines. You pull into the car park, put on your spikes and off to the first tee.

You keep your distance of two metres. Breaches Spitting, nose blowing etc, used to be common among runners. Hopefully everyone will, by now, have realized the gravity of the Covid threat, and so will have stopped these practices.

Changing Facilities Due to social distancing guidelines, it is probably a good idea NOT to provide changing facilities during the Covid crisis. It may be that these services are just too busy elsewhere to be in a position to cover athletics events, so you'd be scuttled without the essential medical cover.

Presentation of Prizes Presentations - The optimum is probably to present the First X whatever number of main prizes across the line immediately after they finish, with NO category prizes awarded on the day. In other words, NO Hall or Group presentations. If category prizes are to be awarded, either post them to the winners, or choose to present them at a later date.

Everyone 2m apart? Social distancing at race starts and finishes are going to be a serious problem, particularly in shorter races. Even with, say, just 50 people in a race, the idea of social distance being maintainable at the start line is simply inconceivable, even with the best will in the world. Finish lines are something similar - see under Timing heading. Collection and Disposal of Waste One would hope that everyone would bring their own waste home. Sadly, as we always see, there's always someone who won't.

Before now, organisers would collect waste themselves, while wearing protective gloves. Waste disposal will be a major headache, particularly if any material, e. With Covid, waste collection and disposal has been elevated to a totally different level, and warrants a separate and full procedure.

Phase 1 - 18th May People can travel up to 5 kilometres from their home to exercise. Antioco Murgia. George Bush. Jack Frost. Kellyn Gorder. Ingrid Mason. Charles Lopresti. Mark Casse. Ty Kennedy. Doug Anderson.

Dale Romans. Albin Jimenez. Chris Hartman. William Bradley. Katie Clawson Victoria Oliver. Jr Albert Stall,. Kenneth McPeek. Helen Pitts. Joseph Jr Rocco. Martin Wolfson. Sr Richard Girdley,. Terry Tubbs. Bobby Barnett. Wesley Hawley. Tracy Nelson. Carlos Villasana. Erin Tadeo. James Durbin. Tommy Turner. Jr William Denzik,. Our Frequently Asked Questions page answers the most common customer queries relating to attheraces. If the FAQs page doesn't answer your query, please fill in your details below and we'll endeavour to respond as soon as possible.

Non Runner. Calvin Borel Ian Wilkes. Declan Cannon Anthony Hamilton. Colby Hernandez Tim Glyshaw. Chris Landeros Brad Cox. Miguel Mena Hemel Kelly Von. Melissa Zajac 10 James Spicer. D Distance. C Course.

G Going. HG Headgear. Cl Class. S Surface. Grey icons indicate horses that have been placed under those conditions. Blue icons indicate horses that have won under those conditions. Other Information BF Beaten favourite last time out. MM Horse is within the top 10 steamers for the day.

MM Horse is within the top 10 drifters for the day. ATR Horse is being backed by one of our tipsters. Noted in positive terms on its previous outing by Timeform's race analyst. Pinpointed as potentially representing poor value, primarily on account of doubts as to the strength or reliability of its recent form. P the horse is likely to significantly improve.

WS This horse received Wind Surgery prior to this run. WS2 This was the horse's second outing after receiving Wind Surgery. FR Front Runner. P Races Prominently. C Closer: Horse races in the second half of the field. H Hold Up: Horses usually races close to last position. Make this tab my default. Declan Cannon Chuck Peery. Was beaten favourite last time out. Marlon Julien St Tim Glyshaw. Brian Jr Hernandez Charles Dickey. Miguel Mena Jordan Blair. Drayden Dyke Van David Vance. Francisco Torres Troy Newton.

Miguel Mena Michael Maker. Brian Jr Hernandez Joe Sharp. Drayden Dyke Van Michelle Lovell. Chris Landeros Neil Howard. Shaun Bridgmohan Steven Asmussen. Jose Valdivia Jr William Mott. Channing Hill Michael Tomlinson. Marlon Julien St Randy Morse.

Colby Hernandez William Fires. Jon Court Brad Cox. Drayden Dyke Van Jeffery Lynn. Chris Landeros Brian Williamson. Miguel Mena Dallas Stewart. Brian Jr Hernandez W Calhoun. Juan Vargas Norris Davidson. Colby Hernandez Forrest Kaelin. Channing Hill Emma Mulvey. Azael Leon De Roy Forston. Marlon Julien St Willam Short. Alejandro Contreras Aaron Shorter. Julie Burke Don Mills. Rafael Jr Mojica Ronald Dailey. Thomas Pompell Ronald Brown. Didiel Osorio Ron Moquett. Shaun Bridgmohan William Mott.

Joe Johnson Gary Hartlage. Colby Hernandez Keith Bourgeois. Perry Ouzts Larry Holt. Drayden Dyke Van Michael Tomlinson. Jack Gilligan Kari Provost. Colby Hernandez Donald Habeeb. Chris Landeros Ian Wilkes. Miguel Mena Chris Richard. Antioco Murgia George Bush. Rafael Jr Mojica Jack Frost. Channing Hill Kellyn Gorder. Didiel Osorio Ingrid Mason. Drayden Dyke Van Mark Casse. Channing Hill William Mott. Ty Kennedy Doug Anderson. Jose Valdivia Jr Dale Romans.

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Roller shutter door location doneraile is a small town c12 km north of mallow town Cork for sale. The site is located 4km from doneraile town and 9km from mallow town centre Kilcanway Mallow Co Cork viewed. While doneraile park golf course ballyhoura biking and walking trails and springfort Detached House. Acorn Lodge,boherash,mallow,co. Cork,p51 Tw44 viewed. Priests Road, Tramore, Waterford viewed. Inchnagree,buttevant,p51dd28 viewed. In close proximity to biking and walking trails while doneraile park and golf course Anne's, Priest's Road, Tramore, Waterford viewed.

This is a truly fabulous Marys, Ballycarnane, Tramore, Waterford viewed. All amenities such as the doneraile Three bedroom cottage on site of c. The St. Leger family remained in residence until , when the property was sold to the Land Commission.

The house then passed to the care of Irish Georgian Society, before coming to the stewardship of the Office of Public Works in The estate and surrounding village has a strong literary tradition, incorporating figures such as Edmund Spenser, who immortalised the river Awbeg in his poem The Faerie Queene , Elizabeth Bowen, and Canon Sheehan.

Today, Doneraile Court has opened its doors once again and resumes its rightful place at the heart of this great estate. Visit Us. Read about our history. Check out our Events. Welcome to Doneraile Estate Doneraile Court is currently undergoing restoration work.

Parklands and Tearooms open daily.

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