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Those with artistic talents and ideas for games could not find a good resource to ease them into programming. However, programming texts tend to be dry and ignore the visual aspect. With the face of the game development industry rapidly changing from a small number of large development teams to much more of a cottage industry consisting of small multiskilled teams, it is more imperative that individuals are skilled in both art and programming. Game development tools are also not what they used to be, and rapid game development tools such as Unity are making it a possibility for individuals to make complete games from scratch.

To address these issues, this book is written for the artist who wants to program and the programmer who wants some pointers about using game art. In the beginning I started writing just for artists but soon came to realize the content was equally as relevant to those wanting to learn how to start programming games. Chapter 1. The Swedish choreographer Mats Ek transposed the action to a more recent and more realistic context.

The fantasy world of Jean Coralli et Jules Perrot turns into a study of mental alienation. In this version, Giselle does not die, she is afflicted with madness and committed to a psychiatric institution. Swan Lake also proposes a variety of denouements, depending on the version performed.

And there is a myriad of them! Here, the Perm National Opera presents Makarova 's version. Learning that only eternal love will save her from this spell, the prince vows to be faithful to her. Siegfried, believing that it is the woman he loves, declares that she will be his future bride and, without being aware, betrays his real true love. In Matthew Bourne 's version, the swan is dressed in masculine finery and the corps de ballet, comprising men exclusively, have exchanged wispy tutus for trousers made of feathers.

The swans turn out to be sensual, yet virile and threatening. Because the excitement of the prince, seduced by the swan, is accompanied by a disconcerting revelation: that of his homosexuality. The ballet places greater emphasis on the solitude of the main character, misunderstood and imprisoned by the responsibilities of his princely status.

The swan simultaneously represents the desire and the fear that the prince feels to proclaim his difference. The revision made by Matthew Bourne drew attention because of its boldness. Yet, a few years before, Rudolph Noureev had already proposed a version of this ballet, in which he suggested the repressed homosexuality of the prince. For Jean-Christophe Maillot , it is the actual subject of the story that completely changes.

He chose the third option and called upon the playwright Jean Rouaud, who drew a cosmogenic tale from the original storyline. The swans were divided into two rival forces: the day and the night, life and death, animality and humanity. And if the White and the Black were danced by two individual performers, it was to show that both carried a duality within themselves. And here, von Rothbart is represented with feminine features. A rare occurrence… this metamorphosis of woman to bird is represented choreographically.

Here the prince, the birds and the spell, no longer hold centre stage. Because it is not so much the story that these choreographers have taken possession of but the work as a whole, in the shape of a monument of choreographic art. For Andy Degroat , this is expressed through the introduction of rock music as a counterpoint to Tchaikovsky's score. A trio of dancers embodying the swans stride along the stage in a repetitive, geometric perambulation, whilst volte-facing and pivoting.

Even their dance is not illustrative. During Raimund Hoghe 's Swan Lake , certain members of the audience expressed the same incomprehension and left the theatre during the performance. Because the German choreographer had produced an extremely distorted version of the ballet, based on symbolic images that worked by contrasting the emotional intensity of the music and the quasi inaction of the performers.

So, he used it as the subject of introspection based on ideals and standards of beauty, where he directed the bodies of prestigious dancers to which he confronted his own. Daddy, I've seen this piece six times before and I still don't know why they're hurting each other

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Ode: A Siren Song- Spring Dance Concert- Musco Center for the Arts 2022

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