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Cara import data ke eviews torrent

cara import data ke eviews torrent

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You may select a numeric series, numeric series containing date values, or an alpha series. When you click on OK , EViews will create a numeric or alpha series and will apply formatting information that will aid you in viewing your data. If you decide you want to rename one of your series, simply select the cell containing the series name, edit the name in the edit window, and then press RETURN.

EViews will prompt you to confirm the series rename. If you prefer, you can use the cursor keys to navigate the spreadsheet. If you wish, you can first name the untitled group by clicking on the Name button. Otherwise, if you do not wish to keep the group, answer Yes when EViews asks you to confirm the deletion. The Windows clipboard is a handy way to move small amounts of data within EViews and between EViews and other software applications.

It is a natural tool for importing these types of data from Excel and other Windows applications that support Windows copy-and-paste. The following discussion involves an example using an Excel spreadsheet, but the basic principles apply for other Windows applications. Suppose you have bond yield and interest rate data in an Excel spreadsheet that you would like to bring into EViews.

Open the spreadsheet in Excel. Your first step is to highlight the cells to be imported into EViews. Since EViews understands dated data, and we are going to create a monthly workfile, you do not need to copy the date column. Instead, click on the column label B and drag to the column label C. The two columns of the spreadsheet will be highlighted. Start EViews and create a new, or load an existing, monthly workfile containing the dates in the Excel spreadsheet in our example, m01 through m Make certain that the sample is set to include the same observations that you have copied onto the clipboard.

Here, we have created a monthly workfile with a range from to The first row of the EViews spreadsheet is labeled Since we are pasting in the series names as well, you should click on the up arrow in the scroll bar to make room for the series names. Place the cursor in the upper-left cell, just to the right of the second obs label. The group spreadsheet will now contain the data from the clipboard. EViews automatically analyzes the data on the clipboard to determine the most likely series type.

If, for example, your series contains text that can always be interpreted as a number, EViews will create a numeric series. If the numbers in the series may all be interpreted as date values, or if the data are all string representations of dates, EViews will create a numeric series formatted to display dates. If you paste a name corresponding to an object that already exists in the workfile, EViews will find the next available name by appending an integer to the series name.

You may now close the group window and delete the untitled group without losing the two series. There are only a few additional issues to consider:. The easiest way to do this is to click on Show , and then type the series names in the order they appear on the clipboard.

Alternatively, you can create an untitled group by selecting the first series, holding down the Ctrl -key and click select each subsequent series in order , and then double clicking to open. When pasting data into EViews, either as a new workfile, or into an existing workfile, EViews will ask if the new series objects should be linked back to the source.

Click Yes to mark the new series objects as externally linked. When you next open your existing workfile containing linked data, EViews will prompt you to refresh the data, and optionally, to display a comparison of the data before and after the refresh:. EViews provides easy-to-use tools for importing data into an existing workfile, matching observations between the source and destination as required.

The source data may be available in any of a number of data formats, from one of the EViews supported foreign file formats i. In either case, EViews will display a standard file Open dialog. Next, type the name of the file you wish to read with full path information, if appropriate or select a file type, navigate to the directory containing the file, and double click on the name.

Click on the Open button to continue. Alternately, you may simply drag-and-drop the source file onto the open workfile window. EViews will open the file automatically determining the file type, if possible, or interpreting the file as ASCII text, if not. Next, EViews may display a set of dialogs prompting you for information about the structure of the data you are reading.

Fill out the dialogs appropriately, clicking on Next at each step. Once you have described the file and data, EViews will display a dialog prompting you for details on how you wish to perform the import of data:. There are two parts to the import specification: the choice of import method and the setting of various import options. In the top-left portion of the dialog is the Import method dropdown, which controls how the source data will be read into the existing workfile.

The area to the right of the dropdown will change to show options associated with the currently selected method. Directly below the Import method dropdown is the Import options section, which offers access to settings for renaming series and specifying frequency conversion methods. Additionally, depending on the precise form of your import, you may be presented with additional dialogs for resizing the destination workfile or choosing how to handle import name conflict.

The bottom portion of the dialog consists of an import preview display, which shows a sample of destination observations along with corresponding data from the source file. The preview will change along with your selected import method specification.

We discuss all of these settings and choices below. The central question in importing data is how to relate observations in the source file to observations in the destination workfile. The Import method dropdown at the top left of the dialog should be used to specify the desired method. Depending upon the structure of the destination workfile, you will be asked to select between four or five import methods: Dated read only if destination workfile is dated , Matched Read , Sequential Read , Append to end , and Create new page.

Each method has a variety of associated settings, so we consider each in turn. You may perform a dated read if the destination workfile is a dated or panel dated workfile. In a dated read, observations in the source file are matched by date to observations in the current workfile page, with frequency conversion performed if necessary. To perform a dated read you must first specify the date structure of the source workfile.

Accordingly, when you select Dated read in the Import method dropdown, the upper portion of the dialog will change to show you date settings for the data to be imported. When the source file is first opened for dated read, EViews will attempt to identify a date series in the file i. If a source date series is located, the Basic structure dropdown will be set to Dated - specified by date series and the source name will be entered in the Date series edit field.

If no date series is identified, the import file data structure will be set to match the destination. Altering the specified date structure changes the nature of the import since it affects the matching of observations between the source and destination. To aid you in visualizing the effect of this setting, the left-hand column of the data preview display updates with changes in the structure to show you the current date matching settings:.

If we were instead importing into an annual file, the bottom portion of the display would change to. In both of these examples, importing of the data into the page requires frequency conversion. To control the frequency conversion method, you may click on the Frequency Conversion button on the left-hand side of the page to bring up the conversion settings.

As usual, you may control both the high-to-low and the low-to-high frequency conversion method. By default, EViews will use the method specified in the destination series or the global defaults, if the destination series does not yet exist. When converting from high-to-low using a specific method such as Average observations, you will be given the option of selecting the No conversion of partial periods checkbox so that no conversion is allowed if there are missing data for a given low frequency period.

Click on OK to close the dialog and accept the conversion method. In most cases, EViews will have correctly identified the date series so that the default settings will require no change. Click on the Finish button complete the import specification and instruct EViews to begin the import procedure. EViews will now ask if the new series objects should be linked back to the source. You may, if desired, override the default EViews date specification settings by changing the Basic structure dropdown menu setting to either Dated - regular frequency or Dated panel , and then using the dialog to specify the data frequency explicitly.

For example, if you select Dated - regular frequency in the Basic structure dropdown, the dialog changes to reflect the new settings:. Excell, semoga bermanfaat dan sebelumnya dapat membaca terlebih dahulu introduction nya untuk konsepnya. Penjelasan mengenai pemilihan model estimasi terbaik akan dijelaskan kemudian…sampai jumpa lagi..

Ferdi Fadly. Terimakasih pak. Geby : bukan itu karena multikolinearitas Semoga Alloh melimpahkan keberkahan keberkahannya kepada anda mas ferdi, banyak sekali ilmu yg dibagikan, sangat bermanfaat untuk banyak orang, barakalloh Selamat malam mas fredian. Saya ingin bertanya. Dri hasil eviews model regresi yg terpilih adalah FEM untuk mengestimasi data saya. Saya masih bingung peran variabel dummy nya dmn ya? Soalny variabel independen saya kuantitatif semua.

Sebelumnya terima kasih. Jika Cross Section saya gunakan fix effect dan period juga saya gunakan fix period, apa konskuensinya mas ferdy? Memang dari hasil estimasi, yang sebelumnya periode menggunakan common, hasilnya tidak signifikan. John Viter: itu sungguh hak prerogatif penelitinya Anda memiliki masalah dalam penelitian, skripsi, tesis, dan disertasi anda??

Kami solusinya.. Kami menyediakan jasa konsultasi olah data statistik Permasalahan anda akan ditangani dengan cepat oleh para profesional yang kompeten di bidang statistik dan ekonometri. Software statistik yang biasa digunakan diantaranya 1. SPSS, 2. Stata, 3. E-views, 4. Lisrel, 5. Smart-PLS, 6. Program-R, dsb. Tunggu apalagi.. Hubungi Kami.. Alkhwrizmi Consultan : Email : alkhwrizmi gmail. Selamat malam mas ferdi Saya sudah membaca mengenai analisis regresi logistik dgan spss yang mas ferdi buat dan itu sangat membantu.

Tp, saya mau menanya kalau melakukan analisis data regresi logistik menggunakan eviews itu mencari nilai kelayakan model regresi, menilai keseluruhan model, menilai nagel karke R2 itu bagaimana?? Saya menggunakan 12 sampel perusahaan dan 48 observasi dengan: 1 variabel dependen dummy 3 variabel independen berskala rasio dan 2 berskala nominal dummy?

Mas, tolong pencerahaannya krn rencanaya saya mau sidang bulan sepuluh ini.. Terima kasih. Pak saya mau tanya, saya kan sudah mengikuti tahap yang sudah bapak jelaskan sebelumnya. Salam kenal mas ferdi. Saya mau konsul ttg skripsi sy dgn data panel unbalance. Pmilihan model jatuh pd fixed, dan utk pngujian asumsi klasiknya kena hetero. Dan saya sdh atasi dgn GLS. Jd bagaimana cara interpretasinya? Dan utk hasil regresi yg akan dibikin model persamaan diliat yg mana mas?

Apakah hasil regresi awalnya atau hasil estimate yg pake gls td? Mohon penjelasannya mas terimakasih. Yang sudah pakai GS tentunya Selamat malam mas Ferdi, saya sedang menyusun skripsi dan masih awam terhadap aplikasi eviews karena untuk kali pertama memakai aplikasi ini.

Jadi yang saya mau tanyakan: 1. Apakah data saya termasuk cros section? Bagaimana dengan variabel kontrol nya? Apakah dalam penginputan nanti juga sama dianggap seperti variabel independen? Untuk penggunaan dua variabel dummy nya gimana ya mas, apakah bisa?

Dan apakah dalam penginputannya langsung saya masukkan kode 1 dan 0? Mohon bantuannya mas. Terima Kasih banyak. Mas ferdian saya ingin tanya. Saya sdg mengolah data untuk tesis tapi data saya tidam kunjung normal. Sudah coba berbagai cara dengan macam transgormasi data tapi masih tidak normal. Saya bingung karena masih belum lolos uji asumsi klasik.

Trimakasih mas ferdian. Maaf sebelumnya Pak, saya ingin bertanya. Saya melakukan penelitian terhadap data cross section sebanyak 24 dengan rentang waktu serta 5 variabel bebas. Tapi ketika saya mengestimasi data saya pada program tersebut, ada kesalahan EVIEWS menyatakan "insufficient number of observation".

Yg ingin saya tanyakan Pak, Bagaimana solusi untu masalah tersebut? Boleh minta email nya mas? Oia saya itu kesulitan dalam data variabelnya. Tadinya observasi saya Cross section 7 untuk 5 thn. Data nya tidak normal. Saya konsultasi dng pembimbing mnharankan tambahkan lg tahun dan cross section, katanya kalo ada data yg kosong biarkan saja. Saja coba analisis lg untuk 8 cross section untuk 6 tahun.

Saya regresi lg, masih tidak normal. Ini blm saya transformasi data nya, seteklah di transformasipun data saya masih ga normal. Jd none effect spertinya. Tetapi klo sperti itu bukan data panel kah?? Baiknya katanya fixed effect.

Selamat pagi pak sara regina. Saya sedang membuat skripsi tentang determinan pendalaman keuangan perbandingan pulau jawa dan pulau sumatera. Saya menggunakan variabel dummy untuk membedakan provinsi di pulau jawa dan pulau sumatera. Saat saya regresi menggunakan FEM muncul near singular matrix. Itu artinya saya tidak bisa menggunakan FEM ya pak?

Jadi saya hanya perlu menggunakan uji lm saja untuk mengetahui model common atau REM ya pak? Terimaksih pak. Selamat pagi Pak,saya Eka sedang membuat skripsi dgn menggunakan data panel. Dengan cross section sebanyak 23 dan periode selama 5 tahun, ada 6 variabel bebas yang diteliti. Ketika saya mencoba untuk mengestimasi data, program eviiews menyatakan "insufficient number of observation".

Saya ingin menanyakan, bagaimana solusinya jika terjadi permasalahan seperti itu? Dan apakah ada syarat-syarat tertentu untuk menggunakan data panel? Jika sdah sperti itu bgmna yah pak solusinya, krena saya jdi bingung model mana yg tepat untuk digunakan. Walaupun coba di ulang ulang dngan teliti lagi hasil tetap sama Mohon bantuannya mas ferdi, terima kasih. Assalamualaikum mas Ferdian, saya ingin bertanya. Penelitian saya ada 1 variabel dummy. Dan untuk pemilihan estimasi terpilihlah Common Effect.

Mohon penecerahannya mas. Apakah dengan bisa menggunakan estimasi common effect apabila disalah satu varibelnya dummy? Bisa dicek di blog saya untuk cara mudah input data panel pada eviews. Semoga dapat membantu ya. Assalamualaikum mas ferdy, kalau pada impor data muncul "insufficient number observation" artinya apa?

Artinya dummy kamu berkorelasi deengan dummy si fixed effectnya Sore kak Sy mau tanya Pada tabel estimasi fixed effect itu yg kolom variabel, setelah tulisan cross section yang ada bnyk c itu Interpretasi Trimakasih. Saya baca2 ini karena data pada variabel konstan. Nah saya kan memang gunakan data dummy periode 1 karena kondisi pra, dan 0 kondisi pasca. Solusi errornya bagaimana ya mas? Sebenernya bisa ga saya tetep pakai fixed effect saja?

Kalau bisa apakah ada kondisi tertentu yg memperbolehkan? Mas saya mau nanya ketika kita autokorelasinya dibawah 0. Maaf mas. Mau nanyak. Jika unbalaced panel gmna msukkn ke eviews? Apakah sma balaced ke eview? Mohon infonya.

Selamat pagi mas Ferdi, saya sedang mengerjakan skripsi, data saya cross section sampel 39 menggnakan eviews. Mas saya mau nanya Trus trang saya kurang paham dgn ini. Devi Trinanda said Makasih menghilangkannya cukup menggunakan cross section weight yang tepat atau menggunakan panel dinamis,,,,atau series nya diperpendek June 1, at AM anthony damanik said Mbak maaf boleh nanyak.

Jika unbalaced masukkan ke eviews gimana? Mohon solusinya ya mbak sama seperti balanced panel Assalam pak, Saya mau tanya pas saya mau milih fixed sebelum uji chow, ada pemberitahuan near singular matrix, bagaimana solusinya terima kasih, wassalam. Pagi pak.. Iu kira2 menurut bapak jalan keluar nya bagaimana ya pak? Kak, saya udah input data, tapi ketika masuk untuk mencari model estimasi nya, hasil FEM nya gak bisa keluar kak.

Jadi saya gak bisa uji chow. Mohon pencerahannnya. Kak saya mau bertanya saya mengunakan eviews Dan ketika mengerjakan fixed effect ga bisa muncul "near singular matrix" itu gimana ya kak. Hanya di fixed effect saja erornya..

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